Press Comments

On the individual exhibition in the European Cultural Centre, Gallery Villa Rolandseck near Bonn:

The pictures of the painter Peter-Arnold Fritze, with clearly recognisable, expressively coloured figures and objects, tempt one to make quick interpretations of meaning. Yet caution: if an observer is of the opinion that one of two clerically clothed dignitaries is holding a mirror in front of the other, he is already on the wrong track. Only the gestures and the context suggest the meaning. In reality, a tennis racquet "with black hole", as the artist gladly explains, is held up high to cover the face of the opponent. Even the "Light pressers", two acrobatic figures (man and woman) who are pressing a beam of light between two plates in the middle of the picture, create the impression of an imaginary doubling. Here, the photo of a skeleton driver has been doubled in playing-card style, whereby this has resulted in a new, poetically absurd context. The wingless dragons of a jade bowl from the Ming dynasty mutate accordingly into cobalt-style brush-holders. They stare greedily over the edge of the bowl into the sun-yellow filling. When looking at this, the observer immerses into a world of colour made up of yellow, green-yellow, blue and turquoise. The painter is constantly coming up with surprises in his pictures through exquisitely amazing colours!

Hildegard Ginzler M.A., RHEIN-ZEITUNG

As a professed outsider and antagonist of the contemporary art scene, he has invented his own picture language which he has dressed and incorporated into the newly interpreted "spectral colour teachings"! His "synthetic collages" (Fritze) consist of diverse synthetic resin varnishes, go back to an extravagant group of motifs of ancient Roman "balsam vessels", black aquilegia or Murano crystal. All of these items are included in dim still life, in which, intellectually, the spiritual aspect of "Melancholy and yearning" shine.

Christina zu Mecklenburg, GENERALANZEIGER BONN