Bibliophile clothbound cassette with excellent gold embossing and 48 high-quality art prints. This is a selection of the overall work with introductory text and biographic information.

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P. A. Fritze
Poetic paradoxes / painting, 2014, Kettler-Verlag Dortmund
160 pages, 122 illustrations, Half cloth with embossing, text contributions: Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz and Dr. Gerhard Charles Rump,
and image descriptions from Caspar Herzrot

On the occasion of the exhibition:
P. A. Fritze
The discovery of calcium and magnesium - in the art exibition hall of Dresden. Curator Michael Schultz, Berlin

A catalogue about a group exhibition:
RUHRTOPIA, Zukunft im Ruhrgebiet
Institut für Arbeit und Technik im Wissenschaftszentrum NRW
On the occasion of the exhibition in LUDWIGGALERIE, Schloss Oberhausen 2004,
p. 51 & 54

Axel-Alexander Ziese
Edition 3, p 114 - 115
Directory of art, cologne, 2008, p. 127
Publishing: "Bundesverband Bildender Künstler" cologne e. v.
Catalogue: "Kunst - und Museumsbibliothek" of the town cologne
Catalogue: VAN HAM, Kunstauktionen, 300. Auktion "Zeitgenössische Kunst" 31. Mai 2011,
p 51, Number 59 and Number 60ünstler/peter-arnold-fritze/auktionsresultate
Schultz, Michael, (UN)ZENSIERT, 2016
The international art market and the game to art, money and power.
Edition Braus, Berlin, p 373